Friday, September 23, 2011

6 useful features of Suunto Core watch

I recently bought for myself Suunto Core ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) watch (or wrist-top computer) mainly for the following six features:
  1. Altitude change measurer. You can quickly select this tool and simply press start/stop to measure the height of a hill you're training on, for example. Works like a charm and is very easy to use. This is by far the most useful function of the watch for me.
  2. Storm alarm. It's good to know in advance when bad weather is coming your way, so you'll have time to change your clothing or seek shelter. 
  3. Daily sunrise/sunset times. Nice to know when it gets dark/light exactly. For this function to work you have to select the nearest location available in the memory of the watch. 
  4. User-replaceable battery. You can easily open the watch yourself to replace the standard 3-volt lithium cell (CR 2032). Experience shows that the battery will die just before a race, so you'll have to be able to change it quickly.
  5. Temperature. Works ok, especially if you remove the watch from your wrist for a while. Even if not absolutely correct, it helps to assess how cold or hot it is while you're running.
  6. Alarm clock. A basic function, but useful. Bonus points for the snooze option.
The watch is fairly large, but not too heavy considering it has a real mineral glass, instead of one of those cheap plastic ones that get scratched easily. The weight is about 60 grams. I haven't used it for any racing yet, but so far so good.

Core has all the usual functions, like stopwatch, countdown timer, dual time as well as a digital compass and even a depth meter for snorkeling. I don't use most of the features very often. For example, I don't really use the altimeter log that much, because it requires you to constantly input the correct reference data in order to be accurate (as is the case with all ABC watches).

Hope this helps if you are thinking about getting one. I have no affiliation with the manufacturer, although they happen to be based in my home country. Although the watch is designed in Finland, it's made in China.

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