Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Le film Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard 2011

TVSB 110K is a first-class Alpine trail race with back-of-the-pack-runner friendly atmosphere and brilliant organization.

YouTube makes everything look easy, but it's actually pretty tough with 7K vertical thrown at you. I've DNF'd twice, but I'll be back next year with a better plan.

2011 winner Ludovic Pommeret flew through the course in 14 hours and 8 minutes.
"La suisse était le bon choix donc! Avec des paysages magnifiques que, il faut bien dire, j'ai admiré surtout au début mais plus j'avançais plus mon champs de vision se réduisait jusqu'a ne plus voir que le bout de mes pieds... (This Swiss option turned out to be the right choice! Magnificent scenery, I have to say, which I admired especially in the beginning. Later on my field of vision was reduced to the tips of my feet...)"
Ludo managed to down no less than 30 gels during the race (4 different brands), while traveling comfortably in his Hoka One One shoes... Hey maybe there's a lesson to be learned for me right there?

I wore La Sportiva Crosslites, and I'm not blaming those great shoes for anything - but when I ditched them after the race and started to train and race in Hoka One One Bondi B's, the plantar fasciitis pain that had accompanied me daily for nine months, vanished suddenly and completely.

Please refer to 'Races 2012' on top of this blog for more info on my TVSB plans next year. There's also an article about TVSB 2011 in Generation-Trail Magazine 9/2011.



coureur du chablais said...

I hope you enjoyed the embeeded part of the movie, the organisation of the trail ask me to wear a gopro camera during the first part of the trail to have images of what happen in the race.

I hope also that you enjoyed that movie.

Will you try again this trail next year ?

Trail Plodder said...

Oh yeah, what a great film. Yes I will try TVSB 110 km again in next July - and I will finish it! I was injured this year, so my training suffered.