Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lozere Trail 2011

Lozere Trail is a 43K race near Chanac in France. Ludovic Pommeret (Hoka) won it in May 2011 with 3:45. I've never been there, but the video sure looks inviting!


PS. As 43 km is a bit too short for many ultra trail runners, the organizers will offer a two-stage Ultra Lozere option in 2012.

The first day (May 26) will be a very technical 40K, starting in the heart of Gorges of Tarn. However the route may have to be changed, if a pair of rare golden eagles will choose to nest there. The first day will finish in the medieval village of Saint-Enimie, where a meal and a camp will be organized.

The second day (May 27) will be a challenging 67K, finishing in Chanac. The price will be very reasonable 70€ for two days of trail racing and one night of camping in the Cevennes National Park, which is an UNESCO World Heritage area.

The number of runners for Ultra Lozere will be limited to 150 and registration starts on November 1, 2011. There will also be shorter race distances (45K, 24K, 14K) available.    

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