Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trail Plodder Dirty 30x30

Paloheinä hill (North-East dirt path) 30 x 30 meters = 900 meters of elevation gain & loss.

Total distance is 8.92 km, so the hill must be about 150 meters long (300 m up and down).

Total time 1 h 33 min, so each "lap" took about 3 minutes (I had a couple of short breaks). For warmup/down I cycled 3K there and back.

Here's my Garmin Forerunner 110 data, although the altitude measurement sucks as always, so please ignore that.

Wore Hoka One One Bondi B shoes again, and I'm liking them more and more. Perhaps not loving them yet, but not hating those "foot bricks" anymore either.

A sunny Sunday for a change. Nice!


Will said...

Hokas rock. Have you tried the Stetsons? they have more stability than the bondi's. Used them for two 100 milers this year. keep on running!

Trail Plodder said...

No, I have tried these Bondis only. But it sure would be interesting to try the other models as well.

I guess you meant Stinson B, which is the new hybrid combo model somewhere between Bondi & Mafate. Maybe I'll try them next. Or maybe they come out with yet another new model before next season.

I haven't experienced stability issues with Bondis, but their special rubber sole may be too hard for me - that's also why they are extremely durable though.

Dave Mackey seems to prefer Bondis for trail running, although they are advertised as "road shoes". So they can't be too bad!