Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Trail Run

I enjoyed a short (6.33 km) but steep (600 m D+ and 600 m D-) trail run yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, but I focused more on running than filming. However I believe something essential of that trail experience has been preserved in the video.


A technical note: D refers to the French word dénivelé, which means altitude. With European trail running races you will often see a number followed by D+, which is short for denivélé positif, ie. elevation gain. D- would be denivélé negatif, ie. elevation loss. The measurements are usually in meters. For example, 600 m D+ would be equivalent of 1,969 ft. elevation gain.

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Naomi Madelin said...

Thanks for the D+ / D- explanation. Was flummoxed!!!