Sunday, October 23, 2011

vertical hoKa

I suddenly realized this morning that I've never done a 'vertical K' training run. Without further ado, I got out and ran until my watch showed 1000 meters of elevation gain.

While running, I shot this video with iPod nano (5G). BG-music is my own song 'Tadatan'.

trail plodder presents: vertical hoKa from J8N Productions on Vimeo.
Trail Plodder's training run in Hoka One One Bondi B shoes - with comfy Lock Laces.

Elevation gain and loss were both a little over 1,000 meters (measured by Suunto Core). Distance was about 18 km and moving time 2:26 (measured by Garmin Forerunner 110).

Funny thing about the Lock Laces, I kept an unused pair of them quite near to my Hokas for months, but I never had the idea to try them on until today. That's what I call slow creativity. Anyway they make the shoes feel different and better, especially on steep hills.

I also tested the RaidLight Olmo 20L backpack for the first time today, although I bought it a while ago. It worked very well for carrying some clothing, two telescopic sticks, a few SiS Go gels, and two water bottles filled with nuun Kona Cola. I've used the Olmo 5L so far, but it's too small to carry enough warm clothing. I've been forced to DNF for a couple of times for that reason, and that's enough even for me to get a larger pack for my gear. This one is roomy and practical, but very simple and lightweight. Bravo, Marco Olmo!

The best thing is that I'm gradually getting better at hill running. I can jog even the steepest hills up quite smoothly, and I can descent the downhills like a rock.

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