Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best wishes for UTMB 2012 lottery

UTMB News: At the moment 8100 runners (24% increase) from 65 countries have registered for UTMB, CCC, PTL and TDS events in August 2012.  However Kilian won't be there this year as he has announced other plans next fall (100+ mile trail races on Gran Canaria and Reunion islands).

UTMB is 165% and CCC 130% full. Lotteries for these will be organized after January 9th, and the results will be announced on January 20th. I'm one of those in the CCC lottery. I was already rejected in the London Marathon 2012 lottery, so surely it's my turn to win now. If I'm able to get in and finish CCC successfully, then I'll probably apply for UTMB in 2013.

Those who lose will be directed towards PTL or TDS, which have room for more runners. Alternatively, if you can donate 2000€ for charity, you can buy a guaranteed "solidarity bib" - as long as you have accumulated enough points from the previous two years (5 for UTMB, 1 for CCC).

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Will said...

I just submitted my application for the UTMB lottery. Maybe we can share a laugh on an Alpine trail together in August.

Trail Plodder said...

Sure thing Will, hope to see you there somewhere around Mt Blanc. Glad you mentioned laughing, as humor surely is an essential element of ultra trail running.