Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UTMB/CCC lottery news update

There is a news update (in French) at UTMB website stating the following facts (my translation):
  • The 4 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc events (UTMB, CCC, TDS and PTL) received a record 10,000 applications before the deadline on January 9th. 
  • UTMB is 195% full, with 800 losers from the previous lottery now entered.
  • Therefore those in 2012 UTMB lottery have under 50% chance of winning. 
  • CCC is 165% full and those in the 2012 CCC lottery have about 60% chance of winning.
  • Over 1,000 runners have registered or pre-registered for TDS. There won't be a draw for TDS.
  • PTL is now full with 67 teams pre-registered. 
  • The results of the draw will be announced on January 20, 2012 at 10AM (Paris time). 
  • If you win in the draw, your registration has to be confirmed before January 31, 2012. 
  • Lottery losers will have the opportunity to transfer their registration for TDS - within the limited space of 500 extra places available, and only if the applicants have the 2 points required for TDS qualification. 
  • The organizers will have to modify the qualification requirements for 2013: to register for UTMB 2013 the applicants will be required to acquire 7 points in 3 qualification races in 2011 or 2012. For CCC 2013, 2 points in 2011 or 2012 will be required. 
  • Solidarity bibs are still available for those who can meet the requirements specified at UTMB website. 
If I will lose in the CCC 2012 lottery, my strategy is clear: go for TDS. TDS sounds like a sweet deal anyway, as you get more kilometers and mountains than in CCC, for the same price! And I do have the deux points required. Those who have done 'em all say that TDS with 7,100 meters of climbing is almost as hard as the full UTMB, although it's only slightly longer in distance than CCC. This is also reflected in the UTMB points allocation: CCC finish is worth 3 points, while both TDS and UTMB are worth 4 points. I'd approach TDS as the French cousin of TVSB, which I will finish in July.



coureur du chablais said...

I will have a different way to look at this...

If I not taken for UTMB, i will not try to do TDS because I really want to be on the UTMB a day in my life.
I've already the 7 points needed next year so, 2012 or 2013, I will run that race.

Next, if i'm a finisher, i will try the PTL.

and I hope to see you on the TVSB trail on july... I really hope !

Trail Plodder said...

Yes, if I had enough points, I'd apply for UTMB too. With 2p, CCC or TDS are my best options.

PTL is not even a race (no official timing nor ranking), it's a team effort, and it involves some crazy steep sections - check out the photos of 2012 route at UTMB website.

Certainly you'll see me in Verbier. I'll be there from Thursday to Monday for TVSB on Saturday-Sunday in July. I'll stay at Hotel Phenix close to the race HQ and start/finish area.

Richard said...

Wow! Those stats are crazy! I'm planning to do the CCC in 2013 for my 40th birthday but I now see that's is getting a lot harder to get in. I'll be doing a 1 point race this summer but I guess that doing an other one would be a good safety net in the case I'm not lucky and I want to transfer to the TDS.

On another topic, do you like your Compex? I'm considering buying one for recovery and ankle sprain prevention so a review would be appreciated. Thanks!

Richard (Quebec, Canada)

Trail Plodder said...

Richard, you will need at least two points for 2013 CCC. (same as TDS). So you really must do another one point race this year. Still, it's uncertain how many CCC lottery losers will be able to transfer to TDS 2013 (if any). So you're absolutely right, it's getting a lot harder to get in, but that's not going to stop us, right?

Actually I don't have a Compex, as I happened to find a very good deal on an unknown brand in a local store. I guess the EMS technology is basically quite similar in all of them. Anyway I've been very happy with the cheap gadget so far. I even bought a couple of extra ones as presents for my relatives, and no-one has complained about them at all. I think Compex is quite expensive, but I have no idea if it's really that much better. All the pros are using it because they are sponsored. There might also be some extra costs, like when you need to replace the electronic pads (they don't last forever). You should find out how much they charge for things like that before making your decision to buy. Hope this helps!