Friday, February 17, 2012

3 useful kitchen gadgets

We all have probably bought some useless junk that we don't use anymore. However I use the following three kitchen gadgets almost daily. Perhaps I could live without them, but I don't want to!

1. A blender. There are many good ones, but make sure it has enough power. Then you can blend anything you like. You can eat tons of fruits and vegetables and go running full of energy.


 2. A spiralizer. Like you saw in the video above, junk food like pasta is bad for you. Get a spiralizer and make your own raw zucchini spaghetti - it's delicious and healthy. Again there are several designs available. I like Lurch Spiralo, featured in the video below. I simply put in inside a big salad bowl, and start spiralizing right there.


 3. An apple peeler/corer. Like the video below shows, kids love apples like this. This is also handy when making salads. It's one of the best, made in Taiwan - look for the famous "Apple Parer & Slicer, Corer" brand!


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