Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Barkley Marathons documentary project

The Barkley Marathons - The Trail That Eats Its Young is an interesting documentary project @ Kickstarter. Just like the subject the film won't likely be finished though, as it needs a lot more backers to be funded, and there's only 29 days to go.

I might suggest they change the movie name to 'The Barkley Marathons - The Ultra Trail Race For Economists'. After all, the registration fee is only $1.60 and they say that each of the "20-mile loops" is actually closer to a 26-mile marathon (hence the race name). What a deal!



désirante said...

Thanks for spotting the video. The Barkley is really an amazing race, and the founder is kind of a weirdo, I like that!
Cédric aka crapahut.wordpress.com

Trail Plodder said...

you're welcome. i agree. barkley requires a sense of humor. hope the film gets done.

Barkley Marathons Movie said...

Love your subtitle idea! As a matter of fact, we know at least one economist who is actually running the Barkley this year!

We are so glad that you are intrigued by the project and appreciate your linking to it on your blog.

Every $1.60 counts towards making our goal!

Annika & Tim

Trail Plodder said...

Interesting how many ultra trail runners are economists or have at least their university-level education background in that ballpark. Not all of them are willing to risk failing spectacularly in Barkley of course. It's so totally different from other races. Filming it must be tough too - good luck for your project!