Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kilian Jornet: Run Or Die

Kilian Jornet: Run Or Die (Chapter 1) - this stuff is to die for, can't wait to read the rest of the book.

By the way Pierra Menta, the classic Alpine winter race which is mentioned, was on last weekend. Kilian placed 7th.


coureur du chablais said...

thanks for the video of the first PierraMenta day. It is the longest i found on the web.

I was there on the second day to support friends and participants. There are some pictures on my blog about that journey.

I hope one day i will do that race. I hope !

Trail Plodder said...

Yes I saw your photos and thought that you did the race. I think it might be fun, but I probably wouldn't survive those mountains to blog about it :-)

I chose nascamarc1 because I like the GoPro camera. He has posted a videos for all 4 days on his channel:

Richard said...

I think you'll enjoy Kilian's book. It's not great but it's a good read. By the way, have you seen the starting list of Transvulcania?

Also, too bad it doesn't fit my schedule but the skygames look like an awesome event! Happy training!

Richard said...

do'h! wrong link!

Trail Plodder said...

Yes Richard I've seen the starting list of Transvulcania. It would be easier for them to list who's not coming! We'll see how many of them will actually show up. I was interested in participating, but it's sold out already. Also that time of year the flight connections from here to La Palma seem extremely expensive or totally nonexistent. What's your next race?