Friday, March 23, 2012

Trail del Monte Soglio scheduled

I've added another race to my race schedule: The North Face Trail del Monte Soglio on May 27. This 4th edition will be slightly more challenging: 63 km and D±3500 meters (it used to be 60 km and D± 3400 m).

This year's race is mysteriously advertised as "THE IMPEGNATIV EDITION". I have no idea what the word 'impegnativ' means - it's not in my dictionary. Maybe it has something to do with another headline claiming: "NEW TREK THROUGH TWO VALLEY - MORE VIEWS, PLUS EXPERIENCE, MORE DIFFICULTY".

There is an overall 14 hour time limit, as well as four cutoff points along the way. Finishing this will earn me two UTMB points.

Amazingly, I've never ever been to Turin or Piemonte area before. That's why I wanted to go there now. Judging from the video below, the scenery looks very nice. I wonder how much snow there will in May. The highest point of the course is 2010 meters above see level.

The organizers have a charity project Soglio For Tibet going on. When you register, you can donate and they will also collect used shoes.

The start  and finish will be in Forno Canavese (525 meters), but my hotel is in another town called Forno Rivarolo about 10K away. I'll try to hitchhike to the start on race morning, and back after finishing. Or maybe I'll have to run a little extra!

I'm looking forward to running TMS!

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