Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sunrise superpower smoothie

I like to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegs, but keep the recipes raw and simple. For example, Sunrise Smoothie is one of my favorite natural superpower boosts. Blend (I don't juice - juicers are not as good as blenders because they waste the fiber):

  • plain water, 
  • pineapple and 
  • pomegranate. 

Natural ingredients like these contain zillions of healthy compounds, some of them not even known by man yet. Fruits and vegs are always the smartest move. You will feel the effect immediately, and it will last all day. Just try it!


wcooperjr said...

sounds awesome. I'll have to try one after my coffee!

Trail Plodder said...

Great! I always try to find the best quality fruit possible, as some pineapples can be over-acidic. I also try to go easy on caffeine when I'm not racing. Then it works better during races.