Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year's wish

Many things on our planet didn't quite work out as it was planned in 2012:
  • global (or European) economic recovery,
  • Facebook IPO,
  • UTMB 2012 (100 miles around Mont Blanc was reduced to a 100K around Chamonix due to bad weather),
  • Lance Armstrong's Ironman Hawaii triathlon race,
  • New York City Marathon, or even
  • the predicted end of the world on December 21st.
However hope remains key. Everything will pass, including bad things. We just have to keep on adjusting ourselves to the changing conditions. Through our efforts things will gradually get better. We must take action and seek for improvement continually.

 So in that spirit, hear goes Trailplodder's New Year's wish for 2013: May UTMB be organized in a similar fashion to La Misión Race in Patagonia:
  • race course is 100 miles / about 160 km,
  • the max time allowed is 76 hours (3 days 4 hours), allowing the participants to walk or rest as necessary,
  • there will be no major changes to the course during the event,
  • the race will not be suspended for any reason (highest mountain passes may have to be regulated temporarily until a storm passes),
  • the race organization understands that the mountain weather is unpredictable, and is prepared and able to continue the event in bad weather.

Happy New Year, see you on the trails! And good luck for the UTMB lottery -  if you're not in yet, there's still time. It's currently about a 30% chance of winning, which is a lot better than for example with Hardrock 100!


Will said...

you guys are crazy over there! I'm still debating Leadville or UTMB...not sure yet which it will be!

Trail Plodder said...

Come on Will, just throw your name in the UTMB hat and then think about your options after the lottery! Maybe you could do both Lead and UTMB - there's 12 days between them. Now THAT would be really crazy. Anyways all the best and have an outrageous 2013!