Monday, January 7, 2013

Age-graded marathon PR discovered!

I was already pretty happy with my Stockholm Marathon 2010 result of 3:06:26. After all it still is my best time of the decade. But yesterday I happened to check out my marathon results at a local running magazine website, and this performance was listed as my PR. Having run three 2-hours-and-change marathons back in the day, I was dumbfounded initially. Then I was super-stoked to realize that my age-graded time was indeed a stunning 2:52:52!

Out of this world - what's not to love about that number: 2-52-52! My Achievement Percentile was 73.37%, which I understand is Regional Class, although honestly I fail to fully grasp how that figure was generated.

Age-graded calculator can add glimmer to your old results.
I don't have a competitive bone in me and couldn't care less about my results. I don't run to win anything, and certainly not for fame or money. Just run, be the opposite of Lance, and reduce worry with a restroom plan. Like The Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes, "I run because it always takes me where I want to go".

Clueless about achieving a PR soon at Stockholm Marathon 2010.
Having said that, the majority of marathon runners are not spring chickens, and you just may have to beat your friend's time to win a bet, or maybe you'd just like to add some glimmer to your old results. So if you'll get interested, the age-graded calculator I used is always at your service.

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