Sunday, March 17, 2013

March trail

It's March already with spring and sun, but we still have plenty of snow on our forest trails. This is my usual route, which I typically run several times a week. The temperatures are freezing cold, especially at night. Marching on!

A little uphill adds nice natural variety for training.

The thickness of snow is well visible here.

A frozen brook, a popular bird feeding spot.

The main forest paths like this are kept in good condition daily.

The single trails are frequently used as well.

This bridge makes crossing the road easy for hikers, bikers, skiers and runners. 

Soccer players are training too.

The tower of the 1952 Olympic Stadium is hard to miss, but I guess the sign is helpful for tourists.

The statue of Paavo Nurmi, one of the most successful Finnish runners and businessmen.


Will said...

great shots! looks coooold.

Trail Plodder said...

You bet, like this morning the sun is shining again, but it's -13C/9F and the wind chill feels like -19C/-2F.