Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mont Blanc 80km course preview

Mont Blanc 80km is a new exciting ultra trail running event around Chamonix on June 28th with a generous 24-hour cutoff and epic 6,000 meters of cumulative ascent. The highest point is Col de Terrasse 2,643m.

Vallée du Trail is one of the best locations for trail running in Europe. We all know how crazy successful UTMB has become among mountain 100-milers. This newcomer will likely establish itself among the world's top 50-milers in a similar way. [Update: Mont Blanc 80km will be 2014 Skyrunning World Championship for ultra-distance.]

The 2013 race was quickly sold out already in October, but there may be a few cancelled spots available for registration right now if you are interested.

The famous Mont Blanc Marathon events will be held on the same weekend as follows:
  • Mont Blanc 80km (700 runners) on Friday 28 June, 4:00AM.
  • Mont Blanc Vertical Km (400 runners) on Friday 28 June, 4:00PM.
  • Mont Blanc Cross 23km (1,500 runners) on Saturday 29 June, 8:30AM.
  • Mont Blanc 10km (800 runners) on Saturday 29 June, 9:00AM.
  • Mont Blanc Mini Cross 0.8/2/3km on Saturday 29 June, 11:00AM.
  • Mont Blanc Marathon (2,000 runners), on Sunday June 30, 7:00AM. 
Based on this course map, I took a few screenshots from Google Earth to better illustrate this scenic clockwise loop course. See you in Chamonix and happy training!
This is how the clockwise 80km loop would look like from the top of Mont Blanc (4,810m).
This is the view towards Mont Blanc (South), Chamonix in the center, starting route on the right, finish on the left. 
This is the high route on the France/Swiss border towards Lac d'Emosson. The highest point is 2,643m.
Another view from the south side.
We will visit the town of Vallorcine at 45km, which I remember well from CCC 2012. 
Before finishing, we climb up to 2,000m once more to see Mer de Glace, France's largest glacier.


coureur du chablais said...

I'm not a big fan about trail in Chamonix Valley due to marketing around UTMB and stuff like that, but, on the paper, that trail seems to be very alpin and engaging !

Trail Plodder said...

Yes I know what you mean Damien, there's a lot of hype involved. That's why I'm boycotting UTMB 2013!

Just kidding :) Mont Blanc is a magnificent mountain and I hope that I won't lose in the UTMB 2014 lottery again.

Enjoy for your precious chance to run UTMB on August 30th!

paul1hart.wordpress.com/ said...

Great to see those Google Earth shots. many thanks. I'm entered for 2014. Nervous but excited...

Trail Plodder said...

Thx Paul! Good luck!