Saturday, June 8, 2013

Santalahti nature trail

Santalahti is always a great holiday resort to visit. It's the only 5-star camping site in Southern Finland. The beach is excellent for a nice open water swim in the sea. We've enjoyed a warm sunny summer so far, so the water was suitable for a 1500-meter swim without a wetsuit.

This time I also wanted to tour the nature trail. The views were really fantastic. This 2.5-5 km trail would be suitable for tourist family hikers. It's clearly marked with white painted stripes and signs. There is a natural spring providing excellent drinking water.

Hard rocks smoothened by the Ice Age.

The trail is marked with white painted stripes and signs. You can't get lost.

Thirsty? You can drink crystal clear cold water from this spring.


Will said...

amazing pics! nothing like real fresh water to purge the poisons from the soul!

Trail Plodder said...

thx man!