Friday, August 23, 2013

The Sports Gene book preview

The Sports Gene - Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance by David Epstein seems to be an interesting new book.

More so because it features two great Finnish athletes: cross-country ski champion Eero Mäntyranta (whose performance was boosted by a rare gene mutation) and ultrarunner/triathlete Pam Reed (whose father is of Finnish origin). Check out an extract from the book with Pam Reed.

I know there's no such a thing as "the sports gene", but I'll put it on my long 'To Read' list anyway. Meanwhile, it's well worth reading this brief summary of the book.


Will said...

I think PaM Reid just did Leadville. I saw her out there. Aren't you getting ready to do UTMB?

Trail Plodder said...

Yes Pam finished LT100 about 5 hours after you. She also finished Badwater 135 in July.

What's UTMB? I'm shooting hoops out in the park with TPjr. Training is necessary for those who are not talented, as we humbly like to say in Finland :)