Sunday, October 20, 2013

Test-running Crivit 2D PRO off-road shoes

I've been looking for waterproof trail running shoes for my fall/winter training.

Crivit 2D PRO off-road shoes.
Crivit 2D PRO waterproof off-road shoes with Carbolite midfoot stabilizer and GripMotion outsole was my first choice for testing. Maybe the 19.99€ price tag had something to do with it.

GripMotion outsole.
I upgraded insoles to a pair from my old Hokas and installed new Lock-Laces as well - not really necessary I guess, but I just happen to love them.

Carbolite midfoot stabilizer is hard plastic of course, not real carbon.
These Crivit shoes seem like pretty good value for only 20€ (a recent bargain by Lidl in Europe). They also sailed through Will's TacoTest™ with flying colors. The outsole may not be the grippiest out there, but it performed well enough on icy rocks.

These shoes really are waterproof - unless you run in too deep waters!
The weight is about the same as my Hokas, 330 grams/shoe (size 44 EUR or 10.5 US) - except my new Rapa Nui's are 15 grams lighter.

Last but not least, check out this cool testing video. Happy trails!

Friday, October 18, 2013

12 photos from a river trail run

Running by the river falls seemed like a neat idea on a great sunny fall day earlier this week.

The autumn or ruska as we call it is still going on strong here in the south of Finland.

The water level in the river Vantaa is low now. Most people in Helsinki have drunk the water from this river, as it's the back up water supply for the Päijänne aqueduct.

In the natural reserve it's necessary to stay on the existing trails.

It was warm-ish (about 3-7°C) so there was not any slippery ice yet.

There were plenty of fallen leaves everywhere, including in the water.

I didn't bother to use a GPS or even a watch, so nobody knows exactly how long my run was, maybe 20 km or so.

I took tons of photos, which slowed me down.

There were some white water, but nowhere near as much as when it has been raining more.

The trails were dry and easy to run.

After the river I ran back home on trails over little hills.

Soon all this landscape might be covered in snow, so I'm glad I got this trail run done now!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Test you pee-H with purple cabbage!

Dr. Greger consistently provides the most interesting science-based health videos on the net. Where else would you get the idea to test your urine pH with purple cabbage juice? This is home chemistry at its best!

I actually blended some water and purple cabbage right away, and got a nice turquoise color as a result! I knew that plant-based diets are alkaline-forming, but I was still positively surprised.

As Dr. Greger mentions, those on modern Western diets tend to get more acidic and lose muscle mass - not to speak of gout, kidney stones, and so on - the list of risks is a long one. Uric acid is very bad stuff indeed.

The main take-away point from this is that to preserve/gain muscle as you age, you need to eat more alkaline-forming foods like fruits and vegetables and avoid acidic "protein sources" such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

I really do recommend you subscribe to youtube channel, it's always fun, informative and helpful.