Friday, October 18, 2013

12 photos from a river trail run

Running by the river falls seemed like a neat idea on a great sunny fall day earlier this week.

The autumn or ruska as we call it is still going on strong here in the south of Finland.

The water level in the river Vantaa is low now. Most people in Helsinki have drunk the water from this river, as it's the back up water supply for the Päijänne aqueduct.

In the natural reserve it's necessary to stay on the existing trails.

It was warm-ish (about 3-7°C) so there was not any slippery ice yet.

There were plenty of fallen leaves everywhere, including in the water.

I didn't bother to use a GPS or even a watch, so nobody knows exactly how long my run was, maybe 20 km or so.

I took tons of photos, which slowed me down.

There were some white water, but nowhere near as much as when it has been raining more.

The trails were dry and easy to run.

After the river I ran back home on trails over little hills.

Soon all this landscape might be covered in snow, so I'm glad I got this trail run done now!


Will said...

great pics. always good to go or a run sans GPS and watch. back to nature!

Fegrig said...

Great set of pics TP