Sunday, November 24, 2013

Purple kale rocks!

Please let me introduce you to one of the healthiest vegetables, purple kale.

It's about the same as green kale or other cabbages, only kooler.

How do I cook it? Well I don't really. I just throw it in a blender or salad with other foods.

I bet Jimi would have loved this rock fuel!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

RaidLight OverMitts review

My notoriously cold hands can be a big problem, especially in the high mountains during storms. Sometimes my fingers feel like ice sticks. RaidLight OverMitts are the best solution I've discovered so far. They were designed to meet the gear requirements of some ultra trail running races, demanding completely waterproof gloves.

As these über-gloves weigh only 24 grams/pair (0.9 oz) and take very little space in your pocket or backpack, there's no reason to leave home without them. I simply wear whatever comfy old gloves I fancy wearing in good weather, and then quickly add the mitts over them if the weather turns bad. Of course it's also possible to wear the mitts alone without any undergloves in hot weather. The mitts are not warm at all by themselves, so all the warmth has to come from the undergloves and your hands.

You can secure the mitts around your wrist with the attached velcro/elastic band. The band can be also handy when you want to hang the mitts somewhere or attach them to each other.

None of my vast selection of gloves are quite waterproof or warm enough by itself (including RaidLight/SealSkinz Ultra Grips), but together with these OverMitts my hands stay dry and warm. The MP+ Stretchlite membrane (79% polyamide, 17% polyurithane, 4% elasthane) is extremely wind- and waterproof while somewhat elastic and breathable.

With a price tag of about 40€ these mitts aren't exactly a bargain (whopping 1,662.50€/kg!), but in my experience they are worth every penny. I've experimented enough with various el cheapo rubber gloves in the past to know that they just don't make it for me in serious alpine races.

I bought these OverMitts in Chamonix with my own money, and I'm not in any way affiliated with RaidLight. I just happen to like these gloves, that's all. Highly recommended, especially for UTMB and other euro races with superstrict management. Certainly everyone could use a pair of working hands, even when running!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November trail

Lots of rain in November. The trails are good to run though. It's still surprisingly warm, no snow yet.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PTL 2014 - the steepest ever!

UTMB has published the new La Petite Trotte à Léon (PTL) 2014 course. And what a course it is: Chamonix - Champex - Bourg Saint Pierre - Morgex - Petit Saint Bernard - Col du Joly - Chamonix via the most breathtaking climbs!

PTL 2014 course.

According to the time chart below, this course will be 28,272m (92,756 ft) / 307.1km (190 miles), thus earning a steepness factor 92.1! If you check out my August post Steep is the new flat, you will see that this is way steeper than any other ultra trail on my lists.

PTL 2014 official time, distance and altitude chart.

This new epic course looks like an ultra trail runner's dream. It will earn a spot on many bucket lists, but before you can stand on the starting line on August 25th 2014 at 17:30, you still need a team of 2-3 persons, of whom at least one must have finished PTL, Tor des Geants or UTMB. The maximum number of teams is 80. The event will fill up  quickly when the registration period opens on December 19th.

There is plenty of steepness to be climbed around Mont Blanc!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best Smoothie

The Best Smoothie recipe = a simple blend of 3-4 of your favorite fruits and greens with some water.


Saturday, November 2, 2013


In trail running circles, FKT stands for 'Fastest Known Time' of a route.

In some cases, it could also stand for 'Funniest Known Time'.