Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 pics from my winter trail

After a warm beginning, this winter might end cold. We've got snow and below -10°C daily. Here's ten photos from my about 30km winter trail run on an extra cold Monday: below -18˚C/0˚F. With Mondays like this, who can resist them!

The river seems to be frozen. I stayed on the firm trail to be safe.

"OUCH it's just so helluva cold!" No I didn't do this graffiti under the bridge.

Rose hips: you can make jam, pie, soup or wine out of them.

A lonely tree and a large forest ahead.

The best winter forest trail ever in Haltiala.

Tall pines.

The trail may be hard to see sometimes.

Nice mountain pine.

Haltiavuori (Mt. Elf) rush hour. Nobody there, only tracks.

An artificial Mont Blanc at Paloheinä skiing centre.

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