Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yours Truly 50K

We don't have too much snow this winter and the temperature warmed up to -8°C just in time. There was no excuse for me to avoid running Yours Truly 50K today!

Participants can choose their course and starting time as they wish. I started 9:50am and headed for the asphalt-free paths in Central Park. I ran by the frozen river and also in the forest.

I had a 90-minute lunch break at home. The race clock is ticking all the time, but I wasn't aiming for a win. I finished 50km (measured by Suunto Ambit) at 5:06pm, so my total time is 7:16.

I checked the archives and discovered that I've run this race once before, in January 1996. That's 18 years ago, so I guess it was time to do it again!

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Will said...

wow that looks cold! I haven't seen snow in soooo long. first rain this weekend. keep on plodding!