Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Split Training for Ultra Trail Running

I read recently an interesting article The Split Long Run by Mario Fraioli. The benefits of splitting up your longest run into shorter segments could be for instance:
  • reduced injury and overtraining risk
  • higher intensity and energy levels during exercise
  • more convenient to schedule around your busy daily life
  • easier to manage gear, nutrition and logistics 
  • possibly better motivation and more fun.

The idea of an self-supported solo 50-hour/50-kilometer event occurred to me. Without further ado, I decided to try it this week in Helsinki Central Park. The weather was sunny and extremely nice.

I started my first run on Monday 2pm. It was an easy slow 13km trail run.

That was followed by a brisk 15km fartlek early Tuesday morning.

In the afternoon I added a 7K tempo run. And another one around midnight under starry skies.

I used La Sportiva Bushidos for these two runs. Then on Wednesday I changed back to my trusty Hoka One One Stinsons.

I ran a 7K in the morning with a heavy-ish backpack. Finally I ran a rocky and hilly 6K in the afternoon, finishing at 4pm - exactly 50 hours after the start.

My total distance was 53.6km according to Movescount. Strava generously gave me one km more.

50h/50K felt like a fun concept. I'll probably do it again. Or maybe 100h/100K? Or 100 miles in 100 hours. The possibilities are endless. :)


Will said...

Love it. I need to try some new things. Maybe this. BTW nice photo on your blog. Where are your poles?

Trail Plodder said...

Thanks Will. I'm pretty sure one of those dang Stormtroopers ran away with my poles! :)