Sunday, December 14, 2014

Secret Trailplodder ChiaBars

People have asked me the secret recipe for my homemade sports energy bars. Ok, here it comes. Designed by Trailplodder, they are really really simple. Minimalist baking with just a handful of ingredients. No added carbs, fats or proteins required - but please feel free to add anything you like. This is not an exact science. I never measure any ingredients. My every batch is different.

The latest batch out of the oven.

The simple and easy recipe of my Secret Trailplodder ChiaBars is as follows:
  • about 100 grams well-soaked chia seeds (just throw your chia seeds in a bowl and add plenty of water a couple hours before)
  • after the chia seeds have absorbed the water in the bowl, mix any other seeds until the consistency seems right for baking: shelled sesame or hemp or flax seeds, or sunflower seeds, whatever you have/want
  • you might want to add add some salt and spices for flavoring (I use turmeric a lot for health) 
  • you may add some dried fruits (dates, cranberries, etc) for carbs as desired
  • pour & flatten the mixture on a baking sheet and bake about 30 minutes in 200°C and then dehydrate a bit more in 50°C as necessary
  • cut in pieces and store in a container in the fridge. 
I keep a few bars in the fridge for long workouts.

The main motivation for doing this is that I was frequently told it's impossible to make bars without eggs, oils and butters or something else I felt was unnecessary. Then I discovered the amazing powers of chia seeds as featured in the book Born To Run. The rest is history. Also I thought the bars sold in stores are mostly crap and very expensive. I do buy some bars occasionally when travelling, but at home it's so easy to bake your own.


Paul Wolff said...

Hey TP,

thx for sharing! I know I have been one of the first to ask for the recipe but then just didn't follow up – shame on me :(

Anyway, I'll definitely give this a try, I have baked some myself with dates, flax seeds, corn flour, raisins, oatmel, nuts, figs and bananas. They were good albeit a bit hard to chew and had what would I call a "Master Yoda" taste to it :)

Will try your approach and keep you posted!

Trail Plodder said...

Cool Paul, yeah you just have to experiment until you find a combination of ingredients that you like. For longer workouts I need to add more carbs.