Friday, January 23, 2015

Hoka Stinson ATR: Look At That Blubber Fly!

It's Hoka Xmas again: unboxing my new Stinson ATRs. ATR refers to All-Terrain Running (the one with a road outsole is Stinson Lite). This Stinson Trail update features the same full length  HIP-CMEVA midsole with a 'Late-Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry' and seamless SpeedFrame upper. With 26mm forefoot and 32mm heel the offset is 6mm, which hits the sweet spot for my ultra trails.

Hoka Xmas: unboxing new Stinson ATRs fresh from France (Made in China).
Just makes sure to exchange the pre-installed thinner insole for the thicker one. The thin one doesn't work for me at all - just looking at it gives me blisters. And as always, replace the in my experience unreliable Race Laces with the trusty normal laces (included in the box for free) - especially if you are going to do any steep mountain races.

With their million dollar marketing budget, Hoka came up with this: 'Keep Running'! But it actually works ;)
This is my fourth pair of Stinsons since 2012. All Hokas are durable, but I just threw away my old Mafates, Bondis and Rapa Nuis. However I'll never dump my beloved Stinsons. They are like family to me. These are probably the best shoes I've ever run in. The insole encourages to Keep Running,  and that's exactly what these shoes are doing to me. As soon as I finish running, I'm already looking forward to going out for another run.

With 359 grams, not the lightest shoe out there, but not the heaviest either.
Stinsons are pure trail running gold. Weighing a hefty 359 grams per shoe (size US10.5/UK10), their cost/gram is almost as high too. But as Homer Simpson so eloquently put it: "Woooo hoooo, look at that blubber fly!"


I'm obviously a huge Hoka-head, but I have nothing to do with the company. I've purchased everything reviewed with my own euros at retail prices. I used to run in minimal shoes, but after a PF-injury I tried 'crazy' Hokas and got cured - and hooked. Crazy does, as their new slogan says!



Will said...

Still can't get used the narrow forefoot on the ATRs. Just got a pari of Maffate speed. Might have found a new spouse.

Trail Plodder said...

Yes I noticed this hottie is rather narrow. I get these serious action partners one size bigger than normal, so I get more room to play with. So far so good, but the the real test after our honeymoon will be TransGranCanaria 125K on March 6th. That's one mean course!

I tried various new Hokas on my feet last fall in Cham but I'm afraid neither Mafate Speeds nor Cliftons matched my feet too well.

Have you tried Altras yet? They have a wide forefoot. I haven't actually seen them anywhere yet. Jason Schlarb killed UTMB 2014 in Paradigms. They are all zero drop though, so I'm not sure if I could run any ultra trails in them.

Paul Wolff said...

Thanks for the update, tp! I'm curious to hear how the ATR worked for you during TGC.
Until then I'll shred my Skechers GoRun Ultras. The sole may undergo some plastic [sic!] surgery in the mid foot area :D

Trail Plodder said...

You are welcome Paul. Plastic surgery eh, maybe it's time to change partners? Initially Hokas tend to feel ridiculous, but after a few months you can't leave home without them. ;)