Friday, June 12, 2015

Lake-to-lake Off-trail Mosquito-free Adventure (LOMA)

We launched a new wild concept with TPjr the other day: Lake-to-lake Off-trail Mosquito-free Adventure (LOMA). The highlights of our Luukkaa-Pirttimäki 10K were lakes Kaitalampi and Häkläjärvi.

We didn't use the normal trails. Running wasn't that much faster than hiking in the deep wilderness. I tried once of course, which resulted in a funny face-plant. The terrain was extremely technical and hilly.

We wore protective clothing against mosquitos. Those bloodsuckers killed me on our last trip. Surprisingly we didn't get attacked by any insects at all this time. It was relatively dry and they were all gone.

Speaking of the weather: the wind was strong and cool in the morning, but gradually it got really warm in the afternoon sun. Half of our clothes ended in our backpacks. We had plenty of food and enjoyed the scenery while eating. Awesome LOMA day!

Häkläjärvi panorama.

Another Häkläjärvi panorama.


Will said...

Mosquito free is an option? Can I sign up for that? Nice pics!

Trail Plodder said...

Don't worry Will, you are way too fast for mosquitos! 😀