Thursday, January 7, 2016

Flying Hanuman Rainforest Zipline Eco-Adventure

Flying Hanuman is Phuket's top-rated rainforest zipline eco-adventure. The 2.5-hour course consists of 20 minutes jungle trail hiking, 15 ziplines, 2 abseils, 2 skybridges, 3 spiral staircases and a skyrail. The maximum height (to abseil down from a gigantic tree) is 40 meters and the longest zipline flight is 400 meters. One of the ziplines is dual, allowing two persons to fly together side by side.

We found Flying Hanuman a thrilling but secure experience. The staff take good care of everyone in your group and make the experience fun and exciting.

After you finish they give you a Flying Hanuman t-shirt and serve fruits or a meal.You can also keep the black scarf that is required under the helmet.

The course is not physically too demanding but it may be mentally a bit challenging if you are scared of heights. My Suunto Ambit move data is here. Well worth a visit if you are in Phuket and can spare half a day.



Will said...

tried that a few years back. it freaked my youngest daughter out, but then she was only 6 and had to be strapped to her mom. looks like fun!

Trail Plodder said...

The kids were having tons of fun, but I was maybe a bit freaked out!