Friday, April 22, 2016

Lumonite Compass R review

I've been looking for a powerful headlamp mainly for all-night (actually a couple nights) Alpine ultra trail running. Now I've found it: Lumonite Compass R. Yes, I'm a sucker for simple design - guilty as charged. I don't want any bells and whistles like computer software to program the light. I also don't like external battery packs. Just minimalist functionalism and nothing more.

Lumonite Compass R with headband and battery inside: simple all-in-one design.
  • simple minimalist Finnish design for extremely tough situations
  • all in one body made of type III anodized aluminum (impact resistance 2m)
  • waterproof (IPX8)
  • relatively lightweight: 159g (lamp + headband + 50g battery)
  • just one rechargeable 3600 mAh/3.6V battery inside the main unit, no external battery pack
  • USB SnapCharger is easy to use (just snap on the magnet connection)
  • only one big orange button (single click ON is the last brightness level used, another click is OFF, press long to change brightness levels, 2 clicks for TURBO) 
  • 3 powerful light modes:  LOW 85 lumen, 28 meters (24h) / MED 230 lumen, 40 meters (8h) / HIGH 630 lumen, 65 meters (2h50)
  • TURBO mode available for special situations (measured max 1054 lumen)
  • the light can be easily detached from the headband (stainless steel Releasy holder)
  • can also be manually used as a flashlight 
  • can be attached to any metal surface (magnet holder)
  • the top of the headband is detachable 
  • powerful enough to also serve as my main bike light 
  • warranty 2 years.
  • definitely not one of the cheapest LED lights out there
  • Customized Lumonite Battery required (the light actually works with any standard 18650-type battery, but those can't be charged with USB SnapCharger, so I probably won't be using them)
  • the powerful Cree XM-L2 CW led can be dangerous - for security do not leave anything in front of the light within 5cm when turned on, slightly turn the battery cover open when not in use to avoid it turning on, don't let kids play with the light and never point the light directly into eyes. 
Midnight test: competing with the full moon! The beam lights up the trail ahead clearly.
I've briefly tested Lumonite Compass R at midnight and the results seemed very good. The beam lighted up the trails and boulders ahead nicely. The final test will be Swiss Irontrail T201 in August.



wcooperjr said...

What is the battery life?

Trail Plodder said...

Will according to the manufacturer it's 24 hours / 8 hours / 2:50 hours depending on which brightness level you choose. I plan to use the medium level (230 lumen) mostly for trailrunning, so it will last one whole night (8 hours). For the other night I'll take another battery. In easier situations the low level might be sufficient. In difficult conditions the high level might be necessary. We'll see how it performs in real races later!

Romilda Gareth said...