Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Health, Shinrin-yoku and Trailrunning

Shinrin-yoku or 'forest bathing' is the latest fitness trend (via Ultramarathon Daily News).

Eyeballing Lake Valklampi boulders mindfully.

The aim of the exercise is to promote overall health by reducing stress, anxiety and tension.

Soaking it up at Lake Iso-Holma.

This is not achieved by hard training, but by going slowly and soaking up the natural setting.

Almost stepped on this small animal skull.

You pay attention to everything you encounter in the nature mindfully and possibly with awe.

Sun, fresh air, a beautiful forest trail beside a deep lake - a great shinrin-yoku opportunity for sure.

My friends would probably agree that my running resembles shinrin-yoku these days, mostly because I'm awfully slow on technical trails.

 A fellow UTMB 2014 finisher at Haukkalampi trailhead.

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