Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nuuksio Explorations

Nuuksio National Park is only about one hour from Helsinki. We enjoyed sunny warm weather for the past week. I managed to do a couple trailrunning explorations in Nuuksio.  I discovered epic sights I've never visited before.

Nuuksio is hardly a secret. There can be lots of people on some of the trails, both local and tourists. About half the time I went off-trail to experience the wilderness alone.

I found big boulders to climb over, conveniently followed by a nice beach. There are lots of lakes in Nuuksio, but beaches like this are rare. This was my first open water swim this year and it was great.

I enjoyed the quiet moment for a while, only to be disturbed by someone talking loudly and coming closer. A backpacker making business calls hiked swiftly by me with his trekking poles swinging. Soon he disappeared in wilderness again, still chatting away.

See you in Nuuksio!


Chapi said...


Last summer I took part on the Ultra Lavaredo and the next year I'd like run Eiger Ultra Trail.

How is Eiger Ultra Trail? Is it more technique than Lavaredo? I'm not very good going down.

In your report, the landscapes are stunning.

Best regards


Trail Plodder said...

Hi Chapi, and thanks. Eiger is not much more technical than Lavaredo, but the 20km long downhill slowed me down a bit, especially from Schynige Platte to Burglauenen there were some tricky sections. So yeah, it's steep, but I like steep! Just take it easy in difficult spots. I definitely recommend Eiger Ultra Trail, it's a fantastic course!