Friday, July 1, 2016

Alone on the Wall - book review

'There is no adrenaline rush', Honnold claims. Yes there is - for an average reader of Alone on the Wall like me!

Alex Honnold and David Roberts take turns to write short episodes. This approach works well, allowing the story to breath a bit. The dynamic author duo throws tons of climbing jargon at us novices, but with determination I free-soloed to the end of the book.

Perhaps 'No big deal' as Alex likes to say, but still a fascinating glimpse into the simple lifestyle of the world's raddest rock climber.

Before reading the book I recommend watching a few videos of Alex climbing to get the adrenaline really flowing through your veins.


It's kind of weird for a trailrunner to review an epic climbing book like this. But 'the mountains are calling, and I must go', as Alex states at the end of the book.

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