Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Plod Thickens

Back in Nuuksio again after the marathon on Friday for more. Like I haven't learned anything. This National Park is as dreadful as it's vast. Beware or be prepared to pay for your boldness. It's a fact, not fiction: notorious Nuuksio is a synonym for adrenaline-boosting adventure.

I planned for a long run, but the plod thickens: I sprained my left ankle AGAIN in the first 5K. Funny to be listening to The Running Man Charlie Engle on Proper Suffering. What is that makes us want to push ourselves past our comfort zones on broken bodies beyond reason?

So I kept going on both new and old trails until I got tired. I drank water and picked apples from a tree. I continued until I collapsed on a bus stop. The bus to civilization would come in 5 minutes. What a dreadful 30K trail/off-trail run on a sunny but October day. I loved every minute of it.

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